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A visit With Melody

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A visit With Melody

One of our recent graduates, who lives with her family in Masiphumelele was both a time of praise and deep pain. In spite of all of the challenges of a shack, a too small place and no running water inside, Melody and her husband are hopeful as they are about to restart a small food business. With help from wonderful donors, they have purchased equipment to cook and vegetables to sell. It has been quite some time since I entered a shack and I had a wake up call again to see how much our Evangeline students must fight to just make a decent living.

With a hurting heart I went to the store to purchase something for Melody and was overjoyed to meet Unathi, who graduated in our December 2017 class. If anyone had asked me who would get a job in that class, I would not have chosen Unathi. But then I remembered how she was determined to graduate, even after illness had forced her to drop out from our class in 2017. She never gave up and has an entry level job which helps her now to take care of her family. She proudly posed in her uniform for me and took many selfies. Yes we are making a difference!

Your donation gives a future and hope to an impoverished woman, her family and community!