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Helping disadvantaged women find new hope in Jesus Christ!


EASTER                                                                                                    2018 Cape Town, South Africa
Dear Evangeline Ministries Friends:

Blessed and wonderful Easter greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! One of my favorite Easter Scripture verses is found in John 20: 17 where Jesus tells Mary: “Go to my brothers and tell them, I ascend to my Father and your Father, my God and your God.”


(The Message) Yes, Easter is about the new relationship we have with God in and through Christ
Jesus who offer hope to all who trust in him. One of the most precious tasks we have in
Evangeline Ministries is to offer that hope of new life in Christ to people who so often have no

As our student’s progress, in learning basic sewing, English and computer skills, and as they
learn from the Bible, you begin to see their growing confidence and pride in:

  • The first apron, cushion cover or skirt that they sew;
  • Their first Word document created, or
  • When they pass their first English exam.

Hope in their future begins to grow stronger!

A relative newcomer to Masiphumelele from
Johannesburg, Nosandile loves learning her new
skills, but she is especially focused on learning to
speak English properly, so she can run her own
business. “I desperately need to speak English,” she
says. Ironically this is the subject that gives her the
most stress in class. With the assurance that we will
do all we can to help her, she works with extra
determination. A newly separated mother of three
young children, she took refuge with her uncle in the township. She depends on two
government child grants and a small business selling meat on the weekend to take care of her
family. In Johannesburg, she sold clothes in a market to earn some income. Now she wants to
be able to sew so she can make her own garments for sale!
As we reach out with hope to the students, how precious it is to see them also reach out with
hope and caring to others.


Recently, Melody who graduated in 2017, came to me, afraid and in tears because she and her
family were threatened with the removal of the shack they were in the process of building.
Masiphumelele, where Melody, her family and the
overwhelming majority of our students live, is massively

overcrowded. Finding and keeping a piece of land on which to build is expensive and very competitive. You can be threatened
with your life or have your shack burnt down because of a land dispute. When Melody came to me, I reminded her of the Hope we have in Christ for every situation and we prayed together for God to intervene. I received good news from Melody shortly after, that the dispute had been peacefully resolved in her favor and that she and her husband could continue putting up their shack. I was so moved when
Melody told me that she shared some of the many towels and sheets she had been given for her home, with another needy neighbor as an act of kindness and thanksgiving to God.


Easter is a glorious time of the year when we focus again on the death and resurrection of Jesus
Christ for our sins and we rejoice in the restored relationship with God our Father through His


We at Evangeline Ministries pray that the hope and Jesus joy of Easter time will fill your
hearts to overflowing! Thank you for helping us, in so many special ways, to bring that joy and
hope to very needy women in Cape Town.

Sincerely in Christ




Wendy E. Ryan (PhD Honoris Causa)


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