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April 2015

April 2015                                                            Cape Town, South Africa



Dear Evangeline Friends:

“So then you are no longer strangers and aliens but you are fellow
citizens with the saints and are of God’s household.” (Ephesians



It is with joy that I greet you from Cape Town, South Africa, with
the hope and promise of Easter through our resurrected Savior,
still filling my heart! As your winter turns its face now to spring
and summer, here in South Africa we have begun to feel the
first cool or cold breezes – a clear warning sign that winter is on
the way!
We are well into our fourth month of classes and have had a
few dropouts, which is usual – but the rest of the students are a
delight and as eager to learn as ever.
While the bulk of our Life Skills instruction focuses on sewing,
our computer class is very important to the students, almost all
of whom have never even touched a computer before. One of
the practical benefits to learning Microsoft Word, Excel and
other features is the chance for the student to type her own
“CV” or resume. With this important description of their skills,
they can apply for jobs in the local stores or security companies.
Mandisa, the computer teacher and Noloyiso, who assists her,
work in a ‘hands on’ manner to teach and help the students
learn as much as they can.
From the start of our ministry here, Evangeline Ministries has
worked with women in desperate circumstances who are
determined to learn new skills to help better themselves. From time to time, we have included students from other countries in our class. Rejoice is one such student. Almost a year and a half ago, she came with her husband and child from Zimbabwe to South Africa. “We came here to find work”, she said, and with just two subjects passed at High School level along with limited options, she came to the EM program. With no family here, they settled in with other Zimbabweans in a local community.” “I want to learn to sew so I can work and then help others,” she says.







As you read this newsletter, you may be aware of the turmoil
in parts of South Africa because of tensions between local South Africans and people like
Rejoice who are classified as “foreigners.” Thankfully where we are, we have not seen any of
that kind of violence that is taking place elsewhere in the country. The issues here are complex
and so much of it hinges on the fact that for many poor South Africans who form the largest
majority in the country, there are no jobs and little prospect of any soon.
Please pray for South Africa! We need prayer for the leaders to embrace wisdom in every sphere of life that they may find ways to tackle unemployment and the subsequent poverty and lack of proper living conditions that comes with it. Pray too that the violence seen manifested in cruel ways may be replaced with understanding and love. The word “Ubuntu” is a powerful word to people here. It simply means we are each a part of the other. Pray that this becomes a reality for all of us who live in South Africa. Meanwhile at EM we believe that every person who comes to us is sent by God, and we pray
that God’s purposes for each life will be fulfilled. We are so grateful to you and thank God for your love and support for this ministry “to the least of the least and those who are considered “the poorest of the poor.”

In Christ

Wendy Ryan

Evangeline Ministries, 5501 Merchants View Sq#277, Haymarket VA, 20169

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“Every path He leads us on is fragrant with His loving kindness and his truth”(Psalm 25:8-10)




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